Praesidium "Stellar dial" (1989)

      Praesidium was formed by a 34-year old singer, composer and songwriter Vladimir Savenok in Leningrad in 1989. At that moment he had already about 15 years of musical experience and contributed his song writing skills to various projects like «Рассвет», «Старатели», «Веретено», «Ориенталь», «Обертон», «Белые Стрелы» and much more. (Wow, it seems that pretty much bands are still waiting to be discovered) However he never took a leading part in the projects he got involved into. Everything changed in mid-80's when the soviet rock-n-roll scene started to bloom rapidly thus giving an opportunity for lots of underground acts to get well-known.

      Praesidium were not a typical band of that time. While other (mostly rock-n-roll artists) picked up harsh social themes mixed with artistic nighilism as the main component for their songs, Savenok offered something different: sophisticated vocal polyphony and melodical, neoromantic language were the basis of his compositions. Thats why at some point Praesidium consisted of up to six vocalists, and this was of course the main problem when band was going on tour or performing live.

      To be continued...

Andrei Burlaka
December 2015
St. Petersburg, Russia